We are active members of the Associated General Contractors of America. Chris Larsen, Owner of C.V. Larsen Co. was elected chairman by the North Bay Board of Directors. Chris also serves on the State Board of Directors as a Highway and Heavy Division member. In addition, he serves on the State Environmental Task Force, Pile driving Committee and Constructor Awards Committees.



We have earned a reputation as a contractor of integrity. We deal fairly with our clients, subcontractors and suppliers. We are honest, pay promptly and understand each member of the team is looking to profit from the venture. A large portion of our work is awarded purely by reputation and past performance.


Our management team receives training in construction quality management from several engineering groups, universities, and owners such as the US Army Corps of Engineers.

We take pride in our work, and are dedicated to the work we contract to perform.

Quality control is maintained on the site through the use of initial phase check lists and daily quality control reports, which monitor and measure areas of concern such as testing, inspections, material compliance, and confirmation of specifications.

Our projects have little or no items on correctional punch lists at the final inspection. We don't move on until the work is complete. Our goal is to provide the best "Fit and Finish" for each project we undertake.

We are dedicated to performing our work in the safest manner possible, consistent with proven construction practices. Our commitment to safety pays by protecting our most valuable assets: our craftsmen, machinery and reputation. Our dedication to safety rewards every team member with pride, security and peace of mind.

Consecutively for the past twelve years C.V. Larsen Co. has been awarded the Associated General Contractors of America, Certificate of Commendation for safety excellence with a zero incidence in the heavy / industrial division.

Our dedication is proven by having the lowest EMR rate in the industry.


Qualified, professional union craftsmen enjoy the pride of working with a reputable contractor. Our craftsmen serve apprenticeships and attend comprehensive training programs to learn their trade. Journeymen and foremen craftsmen bring years of knowledge and experience to their work. We afford our craftsmen the ability to provide for their families with an honest wage, fringe benefits, health care benefits and retirement plans.

Our team enjoys setting goals and meeting challenges.

Green Building

C.V. Larsen Co. acknowledges the depletion of the world's natural resources and accepts responsibility to mitigate this depletion.  We do this by employing construction methods that are Eco-friendly.  Ecological construction is building in ways that are beneficial and non-harmful to the environment and by being resource efficient.  The following are some of the methods used in our daily practices:


USE LOW IMPACT MATERIALS:  Salvaged, recycled or recycle content material; avoid toxic material, avoid limited supply material such as old-growth timber and minimize shipping requirements;


RECYCLE WASTE:  Return, reuse and recycle: Concrete, lumber, asphalt and metals.


PROTECT VEGETATION AND TOPSOIL:   Best management practices for erosion control. Reintroduce native species on graded  areas.  Protect topsoil.  Avoid pesticides and toxic chemicals.


EQUIPMENT:  All equipment is registered with California Air Resources Board to monitor and regulate Co2 emissions.  Lowest idle time practices.  Equipment maintained leak free to prevent contamination by engine fluids.


PROTECTION OF WATER RESOURCES:  Using minimum amounts of water needed for construction.  Protection of watersheds with state of the art erosion control methods and leak-free equipment.


PROTECTION OF WILDLIFE:  All areas of work are evaluated for native wildlife.  Specially trained personnel work closely with local and federal agencies' biologists and naturalists to monitor for and protect wildlife.  Environmentally sensitive habitats are protected and undisturbed.


Utilizing these disciplines as our foundation, we can give you the best value for your construction dollar.

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