Heavy Civil

If you live or work in Northern California there is a good chance you have seen or used the projects we have built. The Heavy Civil Construction Group at C.V. Larsen Co. have been actively building everything from roads and bridges to refitting electrical power plants and petroleum refineries.

C.V. Larsen Co. has been providing the infrastructure that keeps California moving forward for over 20 years.

Heavy Structural


The Heavy Structural Division at C.V. Larsen Co. has built, retrofitted or repaired many of Northern California's "Modern Marvels", on land, below ground and on water.

If your home or office is situated within a flood plain in the Bay area or Central Valley one of our many levees and pump stations is at work to protect your property from flooding.

There is a good chance you have driven over or under a structure built by C.V. Larsen Co., built for one of many public agencies.

Heavy Mechanical

If you use public utilities in Northern California chances are that services were provided by one of the many heavy industrial plants built, expanded, retrofitted, or repaired by the Heavy Mechanical Division of C.V. Larsen Co.

The Heavy Mechanical Division of C.V. Larsen Co. builds mechanical facilities for dams, power generation, drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, petroleum and industrial process facilities.

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